Whistleblowers & Retaliation

There are a multitude of federal, state and local laws which protect employees from retaliation for engaging in certain activities, including complaining about unlawful discrimination and harassment. For example, if an employer terminates an employee because she had complained to her employer or a governmental agency that she had been sexually harassed by her supervisor, then the employee has a retaliation claim for damages against her employer. Similarly, if an employer punishes an employee for cooperating in an investigation or testifying regarding another employee’s complaint of discrimination or harassment, then the employee may assert his own retaliation claim against the employer.

In addition, many so-called “whistleblowers” may assert claims against their employers if they are terminated in retaliation for complaining internally or to the government about things such as unsafe working conditions, illegal or fraudulent accounting practices, theft and other crimes, and so on. Likewise, an employee may also have a whistleblower claim if he is terminated for refusing to engage in unlawful conduct.

If you believe your employment has been terminated in retaliation for something you did or refused to do, contact us online or call us to discuss your rights.

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