FINRA (NASD) Arbitrations

We represent professionals employed in the securities industry in employment-related arbitrations administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), formerly known as the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD). These cases involve many types of employment-related disputes including breach of contract claims; wrongful termination claims; compensation claims such as failure to pay bonuses, commissions, or overtime pay; discrimination claims; defamation claims; and interference with employment claims.

We also assist securities professionals with the expungement of false, defamatory, misleading or unfounded information from their Form U-5’s, and we handle other issues related to their Form U-4’s.

FINRA arbitrations are decided by panels of three arbitrators who are themselves lawyers or have other industry experience and expertise. We also represent employees in FINRA mediations, a voluntary program where a FINRA mediator assists the parties as they attempt to reach a settlement before the case is tried to the panel of arbitrators.

In our experience some employers in the securities industry frequently terminate employees just before bonuses are paid out, thereby depriving many employees, such as investment bankers, of the bulk of their annual compensation which is typically paid at year-end. These employers contend that the bonus payments are merely “discretionary.” We have successfully argued that in reality the bonus payments are earned, deferred compensation regardless of what the firms’ employment policies say. Too many employees quietly walk away when these employers withhold bonuses. We help our securities industry clients receive the compensation they have justly earned.

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