Invasion of Privacy

Many states, including Illinois, have enacted statutes protecting employees’ right to privacy in the workplace as well as away from work. These statutes provide employees with various claims when employers violate their right to be “let alone.”

In addition, under common law there are at least four types of claims an employee may bring depending on the circumstances:

  • False Light Invasion of Privacy—where one has been publicly placed in a false light;
  • Publication of Private Facts—where one’s personal and private information has been made public, even when it is true;
  • Intrusion Upon Seclusion—where one’s privacy has been invaded, for example by eavesdropping or spying on an employee at home; and
  • Appropriation of one’s name or likeness without one’s consent, for example to endorse something.

These cases involve employers monitoring employees’ e-mail, Internet and phone calls all the way to spying on them in locker rooms and bathrooms and even hiring investigators to spy on them away from work. If you believe your privacy has been invaded by an employer or manager, contact us online or call us to discuss your potential remedies.

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