Executive Counseling

Merrick Law Firm LLC provides legal counsel to executive employees and professionals such as attorneys and physicians. We counsel executives and professionals who are separating from their current employers by coaching them behind the scenes to ensure a smooth exit and an easy transition to new employment opportunities. We also represent clients who are in the process of transitioning into new positions within their current firms or with new organizations. We assist executives and professionals with negotiating and drafting employment agreements; partnership agreements; consulting agreements; separation and severance agreements; retention contracts including stay bonuses and golden handcuffs; change-in-control agreements; noncompete, nonsolicitation, confidentiality and other restrictive covenants; and indemnification arrangements.

We also represent executives and professionals in connection with executive compensation issues including base salary and bonuses; nonqualified deferred compensation arrangements; executive incentive compensation including stock incentive arrangements such as stock options, restricted stock, restricted stock units, stock appreciation rights, performance shares and other equity-based awards; supplemental pension and insurance benefits; and other benefits including first-class air travel, company cars, and memberships in clubs and other organizations. When necessary we consult with tax and benefits experts to ensure that all tax implications and related issues are fully understood and addressed.

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Leveling the Playing Field for Employees

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