Fraud & Misrepresentation

Merrick Law Firm LLC represents employees in common law fraud and misrepresentation claims against employers. Negligent misrepresentation claims may also be available depending on the type of employer involved.

These cases typically involve situations where an employee leaves his or her former job to accept a position with a new employer based on what turn out to be false promises by the new employer. For example, the new employer might induce the employee to leave his former employer with promises of increased compensation, a promotion, or other benefits, only to fail to adhere to the promises later after the employee has already quit his or her former job. These fraudulent inducement claims can involve very desperate situations for employees. For example, many employees quit their jobs, sell their homes and relocate their families to another state based on false promises only to find themselves unemployed a short time later.

Even if you don’t have the security of an employment contract, if you believe you have been the victim of such a bait and switch scheme, contact us online or call us to discuss your rights.

Leveling the Playing Field for Employees

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