Bully Bosses & Rogue Managers

At some point in their careers most employees encounter a so-called bully boss or rogue manager. These bad bosses often are yellers and screamers and table-pounders, and manage by intimidation, threats and fear. However, not all of these bullies are overtly obnoxious. Some of them, while just as toxic, operate in a more passive-aggressive manner.

Working under one of these awful supervisors can take an enormous toll on one’s emotional and physical well-being, and damage or even destroy one’s career. It has gotten so bad that several states are presently considering adopting specific laws to protect employees from these destructive managers. Since specific anti-bullying laws have yet to be adopted, these are not easy cases. However, depending on the factual situation and severity of the bullying, an employee may have one or more potential legal claims against the bully boss and the company, including the common law torts of intentional infliction of emotional distress, intentional interference with the employment relationship, defamation, and even assault and battery and false imprisonment. Statutes and regulations mandating that employers provide employees with a safe and healthful workplace may be another avenue for relief against a bully boss.

The good news is that how to effectively deal with a workplace bully is simple and no different than dealing with a playground bully. Despite appearances, bullies are insecure cowards so the best way to handle them is to stand up to them and fight back. Merrick Law Firm LLC helps employees deal with bullies by counseling employees on how to best address the problem within the employer; after all, getting rid of a bully and the low morale he or she spreads is also in the company’s interest. We also represent employees in lawsuits against rogue bosses and the employers who allow them to abuse employees.

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