Employee Defense

There has been a recent trend of employers suing employees directly or by asserting counterclaims against them for such things as violation of non-compete and confidentiality agreements, violation of trade secrets statutes, breach of fiduciary duties, tortious interference, fraud, and violation of the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, to name just a few. Employers frequently bring these claims against employees as a preemptive measure in an effort to ward off valid claims the employee may have against the employer.

Merrick Law Firm LLC aggressively defends employees against employer lawsuits and we often counter-sue the employer as part of the defense strategy. We also counsel employees who are accused of wrongdoing and presented with so-called “last chance” or “final warning” agreements as a condition to remaining employed. If your current or former employer has accused you of wrongdoing or threatened you with legal action, call us right away at 312.269.0200 or contact us online to discuss your defense strategy and potential claims you may have against the employer.

Leveling the Playing Field for Employees

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