Personnel Record Corrections

Illinois and some other states have enacted laws giving employees various rights in connection with the personnel records and files employers maintain on employees. In Illinois, for example, employees are entitled to view their original personnel records and also obtain copies of them upon request. In the event an employee disagrees with information contained in his or her personnel file, if the employer will not agree to expunge the information, then the employee is entitled to attach a rebuttal document to the questionable document in the personnel file explaining his or her version of events. Employers are also precluded from disclosing certain disciplinary information to third parties without first giving the employee notice.

Merrick Law Firm LLC assists employees with correcting false and damaging information employers place in their personnel files to help ensure that the false information will haunt employees in the future either with their current employers or future ones. If necessary we file complaints with the Department of Labor or in court to obtain employers’ compliance with their obligations under these important laws.

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Leveling the Playing Field for Employees

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