Performance Improvement Plans

An employee placed on a performance improvement plan because of alleged performance deficiencies typically is given a set period of time, usually 30 to 90 days, to meet certain performance goals or face termination. Some employers refer to it as probation or final warning status. Whatever an employer may call it, being placed on a performance improvement plan is the proverbial writing on the wall—it is usually the beginning of the end of one’s employment.

In our experience employers do not place employees on performance improvement plans with the true intention of helping employees correct perceived problems to keep their jobs. Rather, employers go through this process with employees they have targeted for termination to “paper the file” with the goal of warding off any potential legal claims the employee may have by establishing a poor performance record and failed attempts to correct the problems. That is why it is important for employees who have been placed, or believe that they will be placed, on a performance improvement plan to be proactive.

Merrick Law Firm LLC represents employees behind the scenes to help them survive the performance improvement plan process and keep their jobs and to create a record that will place them in a better position to obtain severance packages if they leave the employer. If you get the feeling that your days are numbered with your employer, call us right away to discuss an appropriate strategy to save your job or receive severance; don’t sit back and wait to be fired.

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