Employment Contracts

Merrick Law Firm LLC assists employees with employment contracts in several different contexts. We review employment contracts proposed by our clients’ employers and prospective employers and either counsel our clients on how to improve the terms or negotiate directly with the employer or its counsel. We also draft employment contracts and tailor the terms to address the exact needs of our clients.

In addition, we review current employees’ employment contracts and any pertinent employer policies and counsel employees who are contemplating taking specific action, such as resigning to join a competitor or to start a new business. We help employees plan their exit strategies to maximize benefits under their employment contracts and to minimize the risk of any adverse action by the employer.

Finally, we litigate all types of breach of contract claims on behalf of employees. These court cases involve many different issues, most commonly compensation and benefits issues and whether the employer had sufficient cause under the contract to terminate the employment relationship. If properly drafted an employment contract can provide considerable job security for an employee. We aggressively litigate to enforce the rights our clients bargained for in their contracts.

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